Fraud by partner

My brother had started business with a person in partnership. because he was experienced to that field and we had full faith on him,he made all the financial transaction from the suppliers and with the bank. he dispatched some machinery to his parent company and also sold some machinery to local market.he collects money by selling the machinery and also plan to sabotage the machinery with the help of his loyal worker.he flew to Assam (his native state) after doing this.BANK started to pressurise me to repayment of loan. i deposited 6 lakh in my personal capacity but businees was not doing well due to damaged caused by his conspiracy. i approched bank and requested him to take his machinery bank but GM bank told me to sell those machinery and deposit the amount amount to the bank account.. Bank send his expert for valuation of three years old machine and as per the price given by the expert we sell these machinery and deposit the amount to the bank. i have everything for repayment of the loan and the person who cheated me enjoyed his life and also expand his own business by the money he collected by doing fraud with me.i approched court for this matter and court dieected police to lodge FIR agianst him and start investigation. police started investigation but due to frequent changing IO of the case case did not take speed. police sent so many notices to my partner nut he did not reply.that money is the hard earned money of my father hole life and brother 8 yeras saving. my brother called him to establish me but he cheated our family and betrayed us also. this case is 05 years old and still pending with police. for last five years i single handley tried to settle this case with bank by my individual capacity but i feel bank does not count my sincere efforts for repayment of bank loans.the complete amount which i lost is 24 lakhs.please advise what to do for getting my money back.