Advise on compromise after false dowry and harassment allegations

I got married two years ago. Six months back i and my wife had a fight as she disrespected my mother. She was not apologizing for it because of which i did not talk with her. She was very upset all this time but even she did not talk to me.after around 15 days she tried to commit suicide.the next day i sent her to her home with her brother. On going there her parents got very angry.. and instead of telling her that she should not have taken such step on such a small issue they told us that she did not have any other option. They were not ready to accept their mistake. They finally sent a notice through a lawyer alleging us of false dowry and harassment case to which we replied through a lawyer with true facts.after that they sent a notice through mediation centre that before filing case they want to discuss the matter. We also submitted our facts there. Now on being advised by someone who thinks socially they are ready for compromise. My first question is should we compromise? Secondly, they are saying that they will write in the mediation centre that there were some misunderstandings in the family which have been resolved and we are taking our allegations back. Should we accept this?