Problem after Love-Marriage

I am 26 year old. I have done love-marriage with a girl which is belonging to my relative going against my parents. We both are well educated. Before the marriage the situation worsen in both families and that time I left my job. Due to the oppose of my family she filed an application(not a FIR) in police station of ipc376 against me and my whole family members with the help of her parents. I am already ready for the marriage and I have done it against my parents. As I mentioned, I am jobless at the time of marriage, she was getting help from her parents till I'll get any job. From the beginning I told her keep all the account of money that she was taking from her parents. For around 1 month everything was going fine. Also, I was trying my best for new job and decided to convince my parents to accept the situation. But after some days, she had changed her behaviour and started behaving opposite of whatever she was previously. She thought that I should behave like her saying(like when to go outside, whom to meet and blah blah...). Also she was getting help from her parents in that issue. I have tried to understand the reality in current situation and asked her to give me sometime to make everything fine. But, fighting situation worsen upto such a level like some time physical also(from both sides :( :( ). (I want to mention sadly here dual standard, if husband beats her wife, he is JALLAD and if he gets beaten her wife, he is KAYAR.). Let it be, after that I have called her parents and told the whole situation. (Also I have told them time to time previously also to intervention.) Since that day we are living separately.(Almost a year). P.S.- Nowadays, she is asking me for reunion. But now I don't trust her. She have behaved with me twice like this. Our situation is so worst that, there is no re-union of minds. So. my question is what to do next by legally? And, if there is some action by her on me by law, what it will be?