Spouse Threatens Me with False Reports of Domestic Violence

My Name is Vikas from a middle class family, I got married two years back with a middle class girl. As marriage was so quick I had no opportunity to talk to her in details as her parents were in much hurry to get this marriage completed. From 1st month after marriage she started pressurizing me to get separated from parents but every time I said I can't leave my parents. She said there is much work at home and if we get separated we will live happily. This discussion continue for a year and we had small fight (not with hands), in between she used to go her home very frequently and will not come back. After a month or two she will call back and order to take her back ( may be she started feeling bore at her parent house). When I went there her parents also put pressure to get separated and it was like shocking for me. because her father was crying to get her daughter marriage to our family (my father is 4th class govt. servant and younger brothers are in their own job or business) When I denied and girl realized that i am not going to leave my parents alone, she started drama at our home and one day she ran away with all jewelry my parents made for her during marriage. She told her mother is not well so she want to go and live with her ( though she already had 2 sister living with her parents). After 2 weeks when I called her to come back she refused and said until you will find a separate home for us I will not come back. Later she reached out to family court (Marriage Counseling) where she put case on me, my whole family, my uncle ( mom's brother) that we are beating her and she is not happy to live there. She will only come back when I left my parents alone. After 3 consecutive hearing, court found her guilty and said to her to take all charges back as these are false and you have no rights to ask your husband to get separated from his parents. She started demanding money there itself but family court/counselor said if you need money then go to court. She did not come back and decided to live with her parents We have 4 months daughter and she left home 10 months back. Even after that As my responsibility (and forced by parents) I paid her money time to time for medicine and checkups as she never wanted to come home. After child birth she filed a DV case again me and my family, uncle etc. as we received a notice from court (I lost patience by this time) she put false case like We are torturing her for dowry, and because we did not got any dowry we sent her to her parent, she was beaten by all family members etc. I do not understand if she is not living with me/my parents from past 10 months how can she put all false case. Through that notice she demanded 15K as maintenance amount every month and court hearing scheduled for next month. She mentioned in notice that my father is govt. servant and my younger brothers doing there own job/business so she need 15K as maintenance money every months but my total income itself is 11K, How I can give her 15K. I am from middle class family where we never got engaged in police, court etc. and after this letter everyone is in shock. Now I lost my patience and surely I can not live with that girl anymore. I am ok to take my child responsibility. Its me who is getting mentally torture from past 20 months but did not say anything to anyone just to save name and fame of my father and family. From her attitude it looks she will never give me divorce so mutual consent is not any option. Please suggest how to proceed now, how can she demand this much money when I am not earning this amount.