Advise for further proceeding

I purchased a house site from A in 1998 and registered in SRO, Tirupati. In 2004, a person B filed a case against A and included me as a party saying that the site was sold to B by A under some agreement but not registered. The court case went on till 2010 and the court favoured B as the party A and B now collided each other. A decree was passed by the court, however, I could not attend the hearing as I was cheated. Later I found that the site was occupied by B and constructed wall. However, land documents are still on my name and the EC shows clear title. Recently, again I received a register letter from court that I should attend court proceedings otherwise the decree will be passed exparte. In that letter also the case was against A by B and included me as party. I do not understand now is the property still belongs to me. What I should do now. I kindly request the honourable legal advisers to suggest me for further proceedings. Is there any why to get property or should I file a cheating case against A