Illegally capture of land.

Dear sir Someone (bad people) is capturing the govt land adjacent to campus of govt hospital. The problem is - land is in front of my building. A big nala(6feet wide) is between the govt land and my building. My building is more than 50 years old. Few years back a passage was on that land to the main road, but bad people started slowly capturing that land, now they have come in front of my building. Only a so called municipal nala is existing between me and them. The bad people is influential, criminal in nature, and good network in social system. My adjacent neighbor are Muslim and their approach is hostile to protest. If they achieve the land completely we have to leave our old house because they always do every possible gundagardi, uses of foul languages against us, fire the woods spread the poisonous smoke continuously in front of my door and Windows. * we are not in a position to fight one to one with money and muscles. My parents are old and I'll. I am presently without job. What are the practical option for me ? I want a win win situation. Please advise me. Thank you very much.