Divorce case Mumbai high court.

Last three year case was in family court Bandra. Six month back case is dismissed by family court as my wife unable to provide any evidence. Now issue is she is not ready to reconcile . and she is not responding on phone also. Even her Lawyer want me to settle the matter ( by providing an fixed to her ). After family court orders, in three months my wife filled appeal in high court Mumbai. till date i have not received any documents from mumbai high court ( due to changes in my address ). i have checked all details online ( on high court website ) . as per website after filling from wife, case court sent notice two times which i have not Received. it is showing on website : status : Pre admission Stage : For orders ( bhatta not paid ) In orders it is showing notice issued RETURNABLE AFTER 8 WKS Now my Questions are. 1: what if i am not receiving any notice from high court 2:As i am not receiving any document from high court i am not attending dates , what if i am not attending next date also 3:If i am not attending any dates whether she will get divorce. Kindly suggest ? what i need to do.