About Divorce

Hello Lawyers, I am a 25 years old guy, I married to a woman of 42 on June 2008, she is a divorced woman and having 3 children.We married according to the special marriage act as she is a Muslim and I am Hindu. After 1 week of our marriage we went to honeymoon, after returning, she said she will be staying 3 days of a week with me and 4 days with her children. Then after 4 month passed we had a small fight, (Not physical harassment) and she left my home. There after she send me a message not to contact her for three months as she is not in a mental state to talk, and going through a mental trauma. I am keeping silence and not trying to contact her. My questions are 1) Can she claim Divorce ? 2) If she can, how much time it takes to file a divorce case ? 3) From my side I want to stay with her, But I guess, she is not, still then can she claim divorce ? 4) Can she claim alimony or maintenance after divorce ? 5) She is a working woman and she always spend her expenses on her own, My earning is less than her, can she still claim alimony ? 6) We never had a physical fight, but can she lodge a police complain of 498 against me and my family just to harass us ? Kindly help me with this answers and I'll be grateful. I am in serious mentally stressed. Thanks and Regards