For justice and marriage

Sir , I am a Muslim girl and my boyfriend is Hindu boy we know each other from childhood he convinced me for not to break the relationship just for the name of religion he promised me to marry but he needs time to stand and fulfill his responsibility he used to visit me frequently with the duration of two months and where he used to stay he also keeps my identity as wife around six years we were together in between he got job in Saudi Arabia for around three years before he came to India brought so many gifts for me and we went to fill my b.ed form from Lucknow there also we stayed together and he wrote my name as wife being very sure for the relationship I used to give my identity proof where ever needed but suddenly after going home he is denying to marry me even not talking to me with huge request says faimly do not wants and they have done engagement mother emotionally torturing him I even said that I'll support u in all the way needed also from time to time I have helpd him financially I have requested him to sit for family settlement but he is not ready for anything I am in great trouble as keeping faith on him I have invested my five years what should I do I need a help for any kind of legal action his mother speaks wrong words about me suggest me so that I could get justice be oz if religion is a matter he should have thought before using me emotionally