How to recover money from fake insurance agent

Respected experts, I am writing this case in behalf of my brother. I am indian army man from pune and duty is in West bengal. Stage 1 I had one friend who was hdfc life insurance agent. I enrolled one policy and premium was yearly. I have paid first insurance premium advance rs. 30,000 in may 2012. That time i didn't claim this policy for 80c tax exemption. Next year i have paid another Rs. 30,000 and this time i include this policy for tax exemption and came to know all policy documents are fake. I contact that agent, he claimed documents are ok, may be some mistake. Since i am Indian army man . I came after 3 months at home and had contacted to Hdfc insurance office in pune. They said this documents are fake and we already withdrawal our agent code from this guy. Stage 2 -recovery Then i went to that agent and after oral fight he was ready to returned the amount by cheque. I had deposit that cheque but unfortunately got bounced. After he changed several contact numbers. I came back home after six months. I filed case in police station, police took him and one middle person came for his bail and called one advocate for some notary and took responsibility for money like guarantor. In notary statement they mentioned i will get money within 4 months time. I agreed. But till date i didn't get any single rupee. Middle man also said that guy took my money and disappeared (Agent also cheated the guarantor. Agent is disappeared since 7 months. No contact numbers or address. Police says how we can find that person? Police says that agent have a several cheating cases. he is totally bankrupt and run away. He dont have any property to recover the money. I am army man. And duty is in West Bengal. No good legal knowledge. I have some documents as proof like fake documents, bounced cheque and notary. Please help me how i can recover my money total 60k.