Writ petition

Because of stay of high court a civil partition suite is pending in district and sesson judge. original documents are is the civil suite. one of the respodant in partition suite lodge fir against documents after civil suite . judicial magitstrate order inguiry in fir four times. all four time police gave nagative fr.district and sesson jugdge did not accept police application for orignal documents for fsl becuse of high court stay and power to hearing in civil suite to civil court. on the basis of dj order police gave last fr which is fouth time. agaisnt dj order applicant of fir file criminal wrti pettiion under 482 in high court which has been dismissed. on the same matter now applicant file civil writ in high court for not accepting of police fr by judicial magistrate. now in civil writ high court stayed proceeding in jm court and order to jm not accepting fr of police. the qustion is can a civil writ stop to accepting fr by jm and can a civil writ file on the same matter when first one is dismissed by the high court in 482.