Second Wife Harassing Husband

Hi, I am writing this on behalf of my father who did second marriage after my mother's death and my sister's wedding.We all wanted him to marry so that he and his spouse life can be better as both were single. To our amazement his second wife started all the tactics just in three months. 1) First she took sleeping pills to large quantity as my father didn't hear her irrational condition of buying something expensive for her, the home maid told my father during lunch time when he can home that madam has been sleeping since morning and she's not getting up. Doctor was called and then still in drowsy state she somehow came to conscious. My father ignored this incidence as he didn't want to spoil this marriage and explained her not to do such things. Second and most of the incident took after my sister's pregnancy- 1. When my sister came home during her pregnancy period, this second wife during one night punched her aside, thus making my father hit her on shoulder as she made my sister almost fall on ground in this situation. This incident took only after when my sister asked my father to sleep next to her as second wife doesn't care for her and she wanted someone to be there as she was not feeling well coz her due date was coming near by. 2. After the hitting incident second wife immediately called police and putting all the false charges on my father. After giving money to police this case was closed there itself without any FIR. 3. Due to such incident my father stopped speaking with her, as no husband would till the time when she started putting cases on him and my grandfather for domestic violence -498a. Along with that she's claiming that he is mentally torturing her and whereas she's the one who's torturing my father with false allegations and claims. She even calls police time to time and makes threat of suicide and bringing all the family into jail after her death. I am fully tensed as my father is going under lot of tension cause of this and even his dignity and respect has been challenged as she shouts openly on road in society area. Note- We live in jammu but doesn't belong to jammu, my father's second marriage happened in delhi. Second Wife divorced her first husband.