Talaq in wife's absence

I am Muslim and I want to give talaq to my wife in her absence. The main reason for the talaq is my dislike towards her. She doesn't want talaq so her parents have hidden her from me. I am in UK and she is in India. If I go for arbitration first and if they deny to talk or try to avoid the situation, saying that she is not in town and her parents make any odd excuses just to avoid the situation and buy time. in this situation, if I go to a kazi with two witnesses and ask for talaq, can they later challenge my talaq in the court that I didn't do arbitration or didn't wait for them for the time they asked for, whereas I know it of sure that they dnt have any intention to talk about it and let the relationship be continued as it is? How can I safeguard my interest in this situation? Once the Kazi give me the talaq, does it have any legal validity in the court that the divorce is effective or will i have to still fight a case to obtain a divorce? I need the divorce from a shariat as soon as possible. as well as which will not put me in problems if they file a case against me. Therefore I plan to do the above. Please advise