Relationship, Marriage & Money

Hello, I was in a relationship from last 4 years out of which we were in live in relationship for 6 months after that I spoke to girls family and they agreed for our marriage however as my Mom didn't agree for her religion I told them I will still Marry which they refused. Later we were still together and Now her parents have come to know about that for which they filed a complain against me in Local Police Station. I am sure that she has been emotionally Blackmailed however she doesn't refuse from our love or relationship but cannot contact me by any means. Also She owes me money about 3.75 Lacks for which I have proofs I have transferred that Money to her Family & Payed her credit card bills which she used in her travel during Dubai. I have email stating the same and I have all the Documents. Now My Situation is that I cannot contact her because of the complain and she hasn't contacted me from last week. I have been trying to contact her using Social Networking however I am not sure what has happened. I love her and I want to Marry her and She does too however because of Mental Torture from her family or may be emotional blackmail we don't know what to do. I want to know is their a way I can file a Case Against them. 1. We were in a Living Relationship and as per the New Law in India its equal to Marriage 2. If her family is torturing her emotionally or physically can I Sue them. 3. If its all finished can I claim the Money which was surely not a Gift. I have all the evidences to prove our relationship. I am in a Mental condition where I have attempted Suicide twice and once sent the suicide note to her parents as well however because of the police complaint I can't do anything. I need help in this matter urgently. Thank you Regards Tahir Mirza