Sharing of property

Actually am the daughter in law in this family. My in laws have ancestral properties. My husband has one brother and one sister. My husband is working in private company. His brother is not so educated and dependent on family. Due to his involvement in different antisocial activities one apartment was sold before my marriage and entire money was given to him to get settled. My sister in law is a working lady staying at our home along with her husband and kid since her marriage. She was given around 15lakhs of assets and cash besides other expenses. One land was sold with all of our consents that she is taking her share only. Her in laws are staying just half a kilometre to our house. But she doesn't want to compromise with her brother in laws and their wives. She has a boasting attitude towards her lavish lifestyle. My in laws undoubtedly support her as the only daughter. For your kind information my brother in law is not married even since he is 38 years now. But my in-laws have great sympathy for both of them. My husband is very different as he had been staying in Delhi after his graduation. He completed his professional studies there and working outside his hometown since last 12 years. His parents never seek his opinion on any matter as he is a gullible one. Even he has been providing monetary assistance whenever its required. Due to all these reasons and purposefully the attitudes of the other siblings my terms with my inlaws is not so well for the last few years. Now the property is going to shared among the five members. Father;mother;2 brothers and sister. I don't think it will be a fair one. Because since our marriage we have not depended on anyone whenever they both are enjoying all the privileges earned from this property and will continue in future also. But after all my husband is in private sector and our future is uncertain. The sharing will not be able to provide back up. So what should we do.