Proceeding in 302 case.

This incident happened in April 2012 while I was persuing my, three of my friends were serving in Indian army and others including victim were preparing for a job. We (7 of us) had been for a picnic to a river side near our village. While taking bath one of my friend was drowrned in the river and died. The fire brigade found the body after 2 and half hours. Initially a UD case was registered. There was nothing in the PM report. But in the forensic lab report (September 2013) a organic phosphorus was detected in his body. But the cause of death is still unsure. The police filed a case under 302, 34 IPC in September 2014. I with my one other friend were arrested and were in the custody for five months until we got the bail in February 2015. There is no eye witness in the charge sheet except his parents, doctors, police and fire brigades. My other four friends incliding the three serving in the army are absconded till now and warrent is not issied. Their anticipatory bail rejected twice. Now they want me to proceed with the case so that they can get bail in the high Court showing the judgement copy. I want to trial when all of them are arrested. Please suggest me what to do now, ask me if I have not mentioned/missed anything. All of us hired the same lawyer.