Misusing the law "Mother is the primary guardian"

Respected Sir, My name is Mithun, 30 working in Saudi Arabia.I belong to Kerala in India. My wife is trying to Misuse the law"Mother is the primary guardian of Kids under 5 years old" She (who left kid, even before completing 90 days after delivery only for job without even caring my words) is also working at Saudi as Nurse. She came here because of her mothers advice. When i told her to stay with kid for 2 years, her mother confused her mind in the way that i want to make lose her job and stay at home. Now she want to keep our kid with her relatives only. I told her, kid must be familiar with both relatives and must get love n care of all and moreover my home is her home. My greedy mother in law, just thinking about her daughters salary, is always confusing my wife by telling lies and presserizing for a divorce. She's misusing the fact 'baby will not get any care in the hubbies home' & my wife is now not even talking with my parents because of her wicked advices. Now she is telling that she will write a request to make her father the Custodian of my baby and she wants to keep the baby in her home only, with her relatives.(as for she is in Saudi) . Will the court approve such requests? Please give me an advice.