49(a) issue

I am having with a pharma trading company at Odisha.One propritorship firm of Shillong approached us for the consignee agent.Accordingly made the agreement but not notarized.The propritorship firm had given 3 lakhs as security and against this taken more than 4 lakhs of stocks. After 3 months of business the proprietorship firm shown unwillingness to continue and ask to return the security amount. While we answered to follow the agreement letter and return our stocks so that we can settle account . The firm niether returned nor follow any guidelines.The proprietor approached to the all india pharma association. They also advised to return the stocks.Without anything the prop. had sent the advocate notice.I had waited till the court notice.The court notice had not come to me within the last 70 days. But on this Monday received a 49(a) ipc case from shillong police station which had demanded to meet within 15 days. At present my health condition is not good to meet them within 15 days and its a distance of 1700kms. Would you pl.suggest what to do and can drop your number if you would help me out in shillong matter. Thanking you.