Sir,I am 45 yrs old.Physician by profession.I got married/registered in 1993 in India.I went to USA in1997 for medical residency programme after qualifying USMLE .I started my residency on 07/1997 on J1 visa. I called my wife and 3 yrs old son on J2 visa in 05/1998 to USA.My wife and child started staying with their parents/brothers.After a month when I arranged a house for our stay in US.wife and her parents and brothers started demanding money for my wife's education.My wife has MBBS degree from india.After few weeks they started forcing me to pay for maintainance as my wife and son were stayi -ng with their parents. Her parents started forcing for more money and my wife refused to join me.Then I filed for divorce in US but I could not as my board certifying exam was due.I appeared for exams and came back to India.Before I left I asked my wife to accompany to India with the child.She refused to come to India.Since my/dependents j2 visa was expiring I had to return to India in Aug 2000.Since then I have no contact with my wife/son/her relatives.In the beginning I tried to reach them by telephone.No contact could be established. Since nov 1998 I am away from my wife and son. Now I want to marry again,and to renew my passport.So please guide me how to proceed regarding this matter.