Effect of status quo order on agriculture land

Purchased a piece of land in which nature of land in revenue papers is mentioned as cultivated. during the time of purchase it was in co-share and in possession of someone else. we duly got the division of land through proper revenue office process, mutations were entered and took the possession of land through warrant of possession in presence of police officials. since then possession of land lies with us. period of 90 days to appeal against the order of division of land has already passed. sale deed is in our favour, mutations of purchase and division (hukman taksim) and possession warrant in our favour describing that possession is with us. on site we have the possession of the land. now scenario is the previous co-sharer some how has managed to get the status quo order (not status quo ante) over the land in which we cannot change the nature of land, can not construct, or alienate the interest of land to which we have appealed in higher court. basis of case was an unregistered tamlik nama written on plain paper in presence of panchayat members and few other persons in year 1993 in which father of plaintiff has agreed to give that part of land to him. this tamlik nama was never presented to any of the revenue for transfer of land nor it was registered with any authority. question is that tamlik nama of any importance at this point of time where ownership has been transferred to us. secondly can we continue with the cultivation of land. since nature of land is already cultivated. thanks and regards to all learned lawyers.