False complaints

I am regular employee in private Institution. There is domestic inquiry in progress against me. This inquiry is just a revengeful attitude of my officers which during the past I have revealed certain facts before the higher authority regarding issues of funds to non-eligible employees which were also recovered after my information to higher authority. My query is that there is property dispute matter pending in court with my relatives. My relatives got in touch with my officers and filed false complaints at my workplace duly typed but unsigned due to which I have to face embarrassment and mental harassment at my workplace. But higher authority did not take any action to complaints filed by my relatives at matter was personnel to individual. Later on I came to know from some sources that my relatives and officers are in touch who are playing this foul play. Now I intend to file complaint to police to investigate the matter that why my relatives files these false complaints at my workplace and with whom he has links in connivance and duly call details may be obtained from service provider. After obtaining investigation report from police I shall submit to Enquiry Officers that my relatives are in touch with such officers of the Institution who are merely instigating my relatives out of sheer vengeance. My query is that the Enquiry Officers replies that he is bound to complete the inquiry within stipulated time framed by Supreme Court Ruling of three months. I have heard that as per Supreme Court these are only guidelines that does not mean that employee may be deprived out to place actual facts before the inquiry officer. Further if Police proves that my relatives and officers were in touch than what action can be taken against my relatives and officers for filing such false complaints. Please advice.