Hello, I am writing on behalf of my Mother who lives in Pune. She wants to prepare a will on my name (Daughter) of the entire property. My Brother and his wife are mentally and physically harassing her over property and her Pension money.My mother is mentally & physically very weak and depressed. I have pictures of my mum when she was hit by my Sister in law. She also lodges false complains every now and then and she (my Mother) is asked to visit police station where she is insulted and abused in front of my Sister in law and her family. All the allegations are false and not a single one can be proved by my sister in law and her family so they take the case back. This is all to mentally harass my mother. This is now becoming an everyday affair. My brother is takes his wife's side. My brother has no source of income and he is not educated at all (4th fail) whereas his wife has done B.com and B Ed. and was teaching in KV school. Which she recently left. All their expenses and their kids schooling and expenses are borne by my Mother. Inspite of all this she is ill-treated. My Brother is the only son, hence my sister in law and her mother wants everything in his name and let my Mother out of the property. I live in the UK therefore I cannot be of much help of being present there for her. I have asked her to visit me and stay with me on various occasions. She refuses everytime saying she doesn't want to live her house. I am very helpless, my mother's health is deteriorating day by day. I want her to do as she wishes. I want her to prepare the Will if this is what she really wants and move to Punjab where we have few relatives, buy a house and live there without any interference from my Brother and his wife. My question here is can she legally disown him and prepare the will accordingly. My mother has one property solely under her name and we have another property where is she joint owner with my Brother, how will this be treated? The money towards buying the property was sent by me via western Union and I have receipts of it. For all the pain he and his wife has given to my Mum I do not want a single penny given to them. I would highly appreciate your assistance. Many thanks in advance.