Fraud Marriage

I am a Punjabi Girl, living in mumbai, One of our family showed us a boy(living in delhi) for my marriage and then they came to Mumbai to see me and within 15 days i got married without any background check of that boy because i was informed that our family member knows his family..!! I told him all the truth about my past and still he accept me..!! Then after marriage within some days i got his cell fone to look and i found out that he is having an affair with some other girl since 8 years and he was also divorced once before my marriage and all this i got to know after my Marriage and Then i tried to make him understand that please leave all this as you have married to me and please be faithfully I was trying to save my married life but instead of all this he still kept doing it and starting beating me when i use to ask him anything and my in laws also kept on beating me..!! Then after 6 Months I came back to mumbai at my parents house. one day i receive a legal notice from his side i did responded to it and still was in try to save my marriage and then once again got legal notice and before a month i received divorce letter..!! But that man filed a case against me saying that i have done fraud marriage with him and he doesn't consider this marriage and saying that i raped him..!! His lady lawyer is calling me and saying that if i dont come over there she will send police at my place and will get me arrested and will not give my belongings back such as my Jewellery and Other stuff..!! Please Guide me Properly as I am Very Stressed and Dont know What to do...!!!!