Security Money refund for a PG accomodation

Dear Experts, I shifted to a paying guest accommodation in Noida last month (i.e. October 1, 2015). I paid 13,000 as monthly rent and 13,000 as security amount (to be refunded at the time of vacating). There was no rent agreement shared with me though. After shifting, I was not delivered the services I was promised (daily room cleaning, access to kitchen, and basic security). So, I notified the owner oon October 15 that I will vacate the place by November 15. November 1 he came to me and asked me to transfer the rent for 15 days in November and promised that he will refund the security when I vacate. November 4 he said he had found some new tenants and told me to vacate the place by Nov 6 and said he will refund the security and the rent that I had overpaid. I vacated November 7 early morning - but he refused to give me the money back. As proofs, I have his call recording (I have a call recorder in my mobile in general) from November 6 night - where he admitted he will refund me the money back. I made all transfers online too. He is now bluntly refusing to give me any money back. Can I take any action against him - it is a clear case of cheating.