Land wrongfully taken by uncle

My father belongs to Chhindwara district in Madhya Pradesh and he shifted to Korba district of Chhattisgarh for doing job. My fathers elder brother (my uncle) looked after the agricultural land in chhindwara and has taken whatever grows in the land for last 30 years and we have never asked anything from him. My grandfather passed away 30 years back and my grandmother is still alive. There are four sisters also. Now my uncle has secretly divided the land among three people (himself, my father and grandmother) and got it registered (i am not sure beacuse he has not given any documentary proof but i can see the khasra number of land on his name on MP land records website). He has given equal share (say 1 Hectare) each to himself and my father and a very small land to my grand mother. My uncle took the best chunk of land with the main road connected to it and gave us piece of land which is at the back and has other disputes (like same bataidar working in the land for 25 years). My father or grand mother didn't know about this and we came to know about it few days back, when i check mp landrecords website. My father and grand mother did not sign anywhere or given any form of consent for the partition. We talked to him and requested him to make equal partition but he started lying, shouting and fighting. I want to fight with him, please suggest what to do and whom to contact in chhindwara. Will really appreciate the help. you can contact me on [deleted]