498A , 504, 506, 34 read with Section 3 & 4 of dowry prohib act

In my case, the Nagour Bench of Bombay High Court recently passed the order against the complaint made by my ex-wife of 498A , 504, 506, 34 read with Section 3 & 4 of dowry prohibition act. The complaint was made to the police station of my area in the October 2014. Then she realized that the Women Grievance Cell at SP office were not in a mood directing the local police station to launch the FIR. Immediately she gave the application to the SP stating that she is having threat to her life and limb and demanded to transfer the case to her native place. The case transferred from one place to another. The FIR was delayed for the nearly 01 year. However, when I divorced her, she managed the police officer and launched the FIR as mentioned. I got the anticipatory bail on the ground of jurisdiction issue stating that the cause of action was at her husband's place and the FIR is launched at her place. Then I moved to High Court. High Court passed an interim order and directed the police not to file the charge sheet untill further orders. However, just one day they again managed the police and were keeping the online tracking of our writ under section 482 and the police filed the Charge sheet just one day before our order. Now as the charge sheet is filed, what will be the necessary measure should I take as High Court also directed them not the file the charge sheet. The police officer didn't intimated me about the filing of the charge sheet so that I can take the regular bail. Kindly suggest.