Bond Transfer

Sir, I am working in Co-operative Academy of Professional Education, an autonomous society under govt.of Kerala. It is a self-financing organisation of engg colleges under co-operative dept.of Kerala with Chief Minister as Chairman and Co-operative minister as vice chairman. In 2013, I had taken study leave for two years and CAPE provided me with basic pay. The total amount I received during the study leave is around 5 lac. Before granting study leave, I had to execute a bond as directed by CAPE to serve CAPE for six years after completion of study failing which I had to pay 20 lacs to CAPE. A t that time , I had no other option but to sign the agreement since an order was prevailing in CAPE that if anyone who does not have M.Tech before 2015 will be reverted to an old pay scale of [deleted] from the present [deleted]. After study leave I joined back on july 2015 and 3 moths later I got an appointment in Govt. of Kerala as lecturer. I prefer to take up the new job but CAPE is insisting on 20 lacs and penal interest. Sir, Is this bond valid for me? I am going from a state govt controlled society to a state govt institution. I have received only 5 lac and now becomes liable to pay 20 lac. Should I go to court against CAPE or is there any Govt. order regarding how and in what cases to execute bond. Please help me in this regard.