Possibility of child custody for a father?

Dear Sir/Ma’am, My wife has taken away my 1yr child from me 4 months back to her hometown first and then moved to another state without informing me or taking my consent. Reason for all this is that my sister (who is also fighting for her divorce)and her daughter is staying with me before our marriage and marriage was well arranged after informing all these details to my in-laws and my wife. But post marriage, they all started forcing me to kick out my dependents but failed. But now when I am blessed with a kid and emotionally weak, she has again taken this step so that I can accept her demands and kickout my sister and her daughter which is not ok as per me even on humanity ground. They are also not allowing me to meet my child. Now the only options left with me is either I leave my current city and move to the city where my wife is working or forget my child forever. I want to fight for the custody of my child whatever the result may be? What’s are the possibilities of mine to get the custody? Please guide.