Suggestion for which case to file

I was married on dec11 2013, my husband started harassing me right from the beginning. Since I was pregnant my mother who is living in Visakhapatnam came to Hyderabad where we are living and took a separate house on rent. The rented house agreement is on my husband's name but I also have the statement of which my father used to pay rent. After that I was bought to my home for delivery. On the same day he called me and abused me for taking leave and also he called my father and abused him and my mother very harshly due to which my father rang 100 and we returned vizag using police protection. my father-in-law promised that he will change his son and bring back to me and unite us together. I came to my parent's house in April. hois sister and father cooled the situation and stopped us from filing a case. one day my husband rang me and said he is going to us in 1 hr he is boarding a flight then his sister stopped calling me after that I came to know that he went to south Africa and not US. he used to call me and talk to me as if he is in US. 1 month later his entire family shifted. they used to ask me to find gender of the child as they are not interested in girl child. later I gave birth to girl child and the same was informed to my father-in-law and my father asked contact details of my husband and he rejected. though my father informed my husband through email. after delivery everybody stopped speaking and after some time they gave me a divorce notice to which we replied through our lawyer but the notice returned saying addressee not available later the notice was sent to his house. now he started telling wrong things to my friends and my dad's friends. I used to stay in a joint family with my in-laws And I also have all the proofs of call recordings and during the period I stayed with him he used to draw my entire salary and they did not even allowed me to visit my parent's house. his sister also have the same issue she is living separately from her husband in south Africa and my mother - in - law many intention is to separate me and my husband and make my husband look after her sister and i was not working from the day i came to my parent's house and started working again from march 2015 in kolkata but i did not inform him bcz i am fear as he may do anything in my work palce please please help me!!!!!!!!!!