Lease land taken, surrender letter given to landlord

Respected Sir, As i had taken a lease land which has expired on [deleted] at that time we had given surrender letter to the landlord and volbary we had talk that we ill clear our plant and machinery in couple of months , when we had open our plant and machinery by technician . Since we went to lift the matarial the landlord told that the electric line had been disconnected so you had to pay and bring the electric line then we will allow you to lift the material. in mutually we both decided that 50 % the landlord will pay and 50 % i will pay . Than after this discussion he told that now you had to pay the rent of lease for delay lifting . We told him that we had volbery talked that you will give sufficent time but as per discussion we are ready to lift the maratial since [deleted] they are not permitting to lift our plant and matarial . A week later he again told me to make a mou that after paying electricity bill with connection of line then no dues from lanlord side as well as mine side will be charged extra and you can lift the plant and machinery within 15 days after the connection of electric line ,so we had excepted it and when we had produced the leetter of mou nowhe is saying no pay the electric bill then take matarial and he is not sighning the mou letter . In this case please help me Sir what i will do because if i pay the electric bill in verbally conversation and further again he demand me the rent lease for delay of lifting matarial because he is not keeping his word since april-2014 . So please help Thanking you M.a.shams