Land Acquired By local guys

The issue is regarding 2acres of land Registered on my name before 25years. The land was registered on my name before 25years(1989) and i have all the registration documents and local registration office EC also says, the land is on my name. But since i havent been to that place from long 15 years because of that agriculture land was not having proper sources of Water to cultivate the land.But recent times the area got developed with pipelines which was not in my knowledge. Now if i go and see, the local guy occupied the land & created Passbook for the land on his name. Recently i asked Local MRO/VRO office to solve the problem where they are answering like those lands are handovered to poor people by govt. since they were not under cultivation from many years with out any yearly land property tax. And if i consult that local guy, he is just showing his passbook but not any registration/govt handovered papers.but local VRO is just giving me the same information like they have showed all the documents to him and it is handovered to them legally. so how can i solve this case and get my land back. Please suggest the way and chance to achieve. Thanks in advance.