Can villa registry be done with partially constructed stage?

Dear Sir/Madam, I had booked an independent villa (188 Sq. Yard of plot plus the 2 floor villa) with one builder in Dehradun in December 2014. After paying 20% of initial payment to the builder, I had got the villa agreement signed and the construction of the villa was started from February 2015. Later, I got a home loan approved by ICICI bank and after that bank has been funding for the villa construction. Initially, the builder and its sales, engineering team appeared to be positive in terms of time to time communication and on time construction. However since last 6 months there has been several construction related mistakes/irregularities from the builder, some of them are as listed below, 1. Builders engineering team didn't build the villas Windows and Doors as proposed and approved in the villa engineering diagram. When I reported about this, they simply told that they had changed the engineering diagram which doesn't have the missing doors and windows. It took a lot of argument with the builder to get the missing doors and windows built. 2. Last month the builder again didn't build the proposed number of water drain points on the roof. Again when I reported, the builder was not ready to accept his mistake, rather started arguing. 3. I had to customize the flooring tiles for the villa because the floor tiles that they were providing was of poor quality. It has been more than 1.5 months since I have purchased and handed over the customized wooden tiles to the builder team but the flooring work has not been completed yet. When I reported about this to the builder, he said that he still has 6 more months to complete the work and he will complete it as per his schedule. Now the situation is such that the tiles are lying in dust and they can be damaged if not used soon. There are a few more examples of the misconduct from the builders end. I and the bank have been funding the builder well on time but the builder is not sounding committed for the completion of the villa on time. Also I am highly disappointed with the construction related irregularities and other misconducts from the builders end and have no faith left that I will get the proposed quality of work even after so much of delays. I now want to get the remaining construction work of the villa done by another known contractor who can do quality construction work for my home. Is there something that can be done so that the developer stops villa construction work after completing work based on the last payment? Once the developer stops the construction work, can I get the registry of villa done with the half completed villa and than continue the construction with the known contractor after the registry is done? Please guide me, I am in a puzzled situation as to what do to next. Looking forward for your response. Thanks, Prem Pratap Singh