Owner not returning deposit amount

Please find the details below:- shifted in the flat on June 8th 2014. 1)Paid a security deposit of Rs. 1Lakh. 2)As per the discusion with the owner, a part of security deposit ie 80K was paid to the old tenant and rest 20K was spent in the house painting and cleaning stuff on the owner's approval. 3)Legal agreement paper was made by us and shared with the owner over mail as he doesnt stay in India. 4)we asked him to share the signed and scanned copy over mail but he never did so, but over mail communication he asked to change 1-2 clauses mentioned in the agreement. 5)All the email communication regarding the same we have it. 6) we vacated the house in September'2015 and since then we have been doing followups for returning our money. 7)Maximum times he doesnt even bother to take up our calls or respond to our mails and messages. 8)Whenever he responds he just says will do the transfer in few days, he has been saying the same for last one month now. Not sure how to get our money back.