Bank passbook issued without application and signatures

I am a divorcee but while I was married, I had discovered that my ex-husband and his father had obtained my bank passbooks and bank statements for which I had never given any application and never signed anywhere. Isn't it criminal to obtain my financial statements WITHOUT MY SIGNATURES, permission and knowledge? I had immediately (at that time) taken possession of the passbooks and statements. Now those are in my custody. (This all happened 1 year and 6 months ago). I spoke to my bank manager, he gave me the information that only the branch where I had opened my account can issue an original passbook and any other branch, if it issues a passbook: firstly it needs an application signed by me, secondly the word 'duplicate' should be mentioned on it as nobody can have 2 original passbooks. I understand that spouses might have right to know about each other's financial statements but in any case whatsoever bank can't issue the statements/ passbooks of my individual accounts to my husband without an application given by me. I believe my ex-husband must have used his contacts and power to obtain my passbooks. His 2 relatives work in one of the bank branches, through the relatives he must have obtained the passbooks. Mine was a mutual divorce with a clause that both the parties can not take any action against each other. 1. I would want to know that how is possible that all the culprits (bank officials involved and my ex- in laws involved in this case get punished? 2. Should I lodge an FIR? 3. How about going to ombudsman? 4. Will the involved officials loose their job? How? 5. I believe my case is very strong as the bank would never be able to produce any evidence in their defence 6. As it is a criminal offence (against the state); the clause (no action against each other) mentioned in the MOU and divorce decree doesn't bind this case? Kindly confirm. Hence if I lodge an FIR, in that can I give the name of my ex-in laws. (Kindly confirm) 7. Most important. If you were the devil's advocate - What would they (Bank and ex-in laws) use in their defence.