Company not Payed Salary.

I have worked in a firm for almost 10months it was my first firm for working, last 2 months they asked me that's company is not having good business so they will shut the office which was in rent and asked to work from home to avoid rental prices of Office space. They promised to pay me my internet n call bills also. But later they did not pay 1st month n said next month after the closure they will pay. Next month also the same went n they did not pay me anything. I then shifted to other good company, when I asked for the salary they threatened me that they will spoil my reliving letter and will spoil my carrier. The Tone used was very annoying. Finally I got the letter without salary n I shifted to other company not its been long time over 7 months but still they did not pay me. And they also threatens me if I continue I future they will spoil my carrier. Kindly pls advise if I will change to other company will they ask from my first firm also about my work there and can my first company spoil my experience if in future is there any inquiry.