Notice Period Issue

I am working with a Pvt Ltd Company in Bangalore. Recently I received a very good offer from one of the Top MNC company. According to the offer letter given to me I am liable to serve the notice period of three months. During this duration if the company asks me to leave they are liable to pay me for the remaining notice period, and if I wish to leave I am suppose to be paying them for the remaining period. But the terms is totally governed on the consent of the management of my company. Now since the MNC company wants me to join me within one month, I have requested my management to relieve me with a notice period of one month or else I am ready to buy out the notice period myself. But they are rejecting both the cases and are forcing me to serve the notice period. They have also not given me leave through out the year and I still have my 21 days of earned leave remaining. When I approached them that give me leave they said that during notice period they cannot give me leave. I don't want to work here any more . Can you please suggest what can be done?