Hurresment, attacked and injured by husband,

Hi this is pooja. .married 3 years before..but last 1 and half year my husband n in laws started behaving weird. .He was going around with 3 girls outside. .come to know when I saw his mobile sexual message, photos, text..I started objecting all above. Then my in laws asked me for divorce. He will go with 100 girls u stay or go away. .I was having 6 months baby so I refuse to husband could not change his character. .on small things he started hitting. In laws started mental hurresment. I bear everything coz having small kid..but they dint stop it.after 5 months same thing happened I saw some bad text on his mobile then he injured me so badly..bleeding from mouth n he broke my tooth..I left the home I filed NC on 18 th July. I stay at my mom's place. .now the problem is he and in laws are calling me elder brother is not supporting his view is to go back for a baby n need to think about reputation. ...I don't want to go back I want my baby custody with me..I want maintenance for me n baby...I want separate shelter...I want to punish him by not giving divorce. should I take it further. .plz help out m in big problem. I used to work before pregnancy I handed over all my years salary to husband total around 5 lacs...but he withdraw all money..He has taken all money. .I want my money coz I can't work have small baby.....plz guide it's almost 4 month m staying with my mother..looking for justice. .can I file FIR against him..can I file case after 4 months ....let me know what to do..its urgent