Builder has stopped construction of the flats.. I AM SCARED

Dear Sir(s) I booked a Flat in July 2012 in the state of Uttar Pradesh and district Ghaziabad. Total flat Price was 70.00 Lac Rupees ( Including VAT and Registration charges) out of which i have already paid 65.00 Lacs to him and i have all the original receipts for the same from builder. I am ready to pay the remaining amount as and when demanded from him, I still haven't received any demand from him for the remaining amount. We have entered the Builder Buyer agreement in Aug 2012 which states the completion date to be March 2015. The builder has stopped the construction since November 2014 and the status of the site describes it requires atleast 12 more months for the completion. Despite repeated follow up meetings, emails and phone calls with Builder on project schedule, builder is neither replying to emails, nor providing us possession or reason for delays or a concrete date for possession. The builder is a very rich and powerful person with a lot of properties all over delhi and Ghaziabad. He can repay all the amount to all the flat owners very easily but he looks in no mood. I have a Question and need your assistance on this. Do i stand a chance for any sort of compensation on this in consumer court ?????????? Sir please advice as i am a salaried person with a small nuclear family with limited source of income.