Stamp paper issued from another state

Hello, Here's the description of my situation. I am applying for Canada PR. As part of the application I need to show some settlement funds. My dad has agreed to gift me the required money. Transaction has been already completed on 26th oct via NEFT from my dad's bank account to mine. To document this transaction my dad needs to create a Gift deed for the transaction and also an affidavit declaring the funds are gift and he does not expect it to be returned. The problem is my Dad is a resident of Madhya Pradesh whereas I live in Bangalore. He is finding it extremely difficult to get all the required docs completed on time and as per my requirements from MP. I can get the same work done in a day from Bangalore. Will the Gift deed stamp papers and affidavit issued in Bangalore be considered valid for a resident of Madhya Pradesh? Please also confirm if there are any taxes / stamp duty for monetary gift from Father to Son (amount = Eleven lakhs). Your advice will be of great help. Thanks in advance, Joel