Divorce with mutual consent.

I have got arranged marriage during the year 2014, My wife is very lazy and she is not interested to stay with my aged mother in our own house. She is very expensive women and not interested to follow basic traditions of Hindu family from the beginning of our marriage. we have got a new born baby during July 2015. presently she and baby is under the care of her parents. My wife and her parents are demanding to act me as they says, and forcing to stay in the house which is nearest to them by separating my family. but I am not ready to act as they says. I have several discussions with my wife and their family, but they are not changing their attitude. I want to take care of my aged mother and to keep her safe and happy. In these grounds shall i am intended to windup my relationship with my wife. I am a private employee and earning monthly net salary of Rs.15000/- (after deducting PF/PT/IT & LOANS) My family has got ancestor properties of around 5 acres of land in our village which are still undivided. I have a unmarried brother and 3 elder married sisters are holding the said property jointly with my mother since my father has expired. Shall i apply for divorce? What is the way of consideration alimony I shall be entitled to pay?