No full and final settlement after 5 months since resignation

Hello Legal Experts, I joined the company on July 3rd 2013, worked till June 17th 2015. I was in a contract of 2 years. Since Oct 2014, the company was facing a lot of issues in paying the employees. My salary was stopped for the first 2 months, then they started paying the 3rd month (half salary), stopped again for another 2 months (then paid 2 months salary), so on and so forth. The company lost most of its clients, had only 1 client in their hand. In a span of 8 months, from 100 employees, it came down to 6. Since there was no work available, they gave me an option to stay or leave. So I decided to leave the organization. They provided my salary pay slips (which apparently had my actual take home salary info) and my resignation letter. It has been 5 months that I haven't received my full and final settlement. I have sent 6 emails, no reply. I have called and received info from the HR stating that none of the other employees are asking for their Full and Final settlement, why are you asking for it. You need to wait. When am I getting it - he doesn't have an answer. I had taken a personal loan. Because of this problem, I am almost in the verge of getting a court notice. Please help me.