False sexual harassment

I am a salaried personnel with a private MNC. Recently I was accused of sexual harassment in my office and I was suspended for 26 days. Hr team called me on 27th day to discuss the matter. They initially tried to again know what actually happened. I told them again that I invited a female colleague to my house on new year celebration which is true. But my wife was also aware of the invitation and she was invited on my wife's consent as friendly gesture. The girl refused to come at that point of time and I left the matter as it is. 2 to 3 months later she filed a case saying I was harassing her. Now hr people say that without any evidence it is not a sexual harassment and it goes as code of conduct. They are reinstating my services but will shoot some penalty on me which is not known yet and it will be known today on 29th. They also said the penalty won't be financial. They clearly mentioned that it is not sexual harassment because of lack of evidence. They also mentioned on 2nd session that 3 to 4 girls complained against me and one of the girls had to say I sent some lewd images to her phone which I denied. Now, my question is where do I stand in case of legal proceeding to fight back the false allegations ? Do I charge back or do I just sit back? I know it was a cooking from my current department to remove me but how do I prove? During suspension days, they removed me from that department and I am currently on bench. Please advise. Thanks