Pay fix session in 5th Pay commission

Respected Sir, 1. I the undersigned wants to submit following few lines for your kind consideration and necessary acti8on please. 2. I am appointed as Commercial Artist in the yr 1989 in the pay scale of Rs 1600-2660, 3. I am appointed as per SRO 1972 Rules (which is not changed till date). 4. Till date 3 Pay Commissions are finalized but cadre structure is not revised as per Govt Rule (It is necessary to restructure cadre after each Pay Commission / 5 years). Our Dept is accepting that due to unamended cadre structure / RR/ employees are facing financial loss as they don’t have promotion avenue, so Dept is accepting that this all happen due to old structure then why I should suffer and face financial loss. 5. RR’s are not amended for last 41 yrs (1972). Govt says that new RR’s has to be finalized within 6 months after Pay Commission is declared. Not a single occasion RR has been changed in CME for Artist and other Cadre. 6. Artist Cadre comes under common category, 5th CPC has given std hierarchy for Artist Cadre i.e. designation and std pay scale, in lieu of this said provisions are not made applicable at CME for Artist Cadre. 7. It is submitted that the Hierarchy as per Govt Recommendation has not been made applicable as per 5th CPC orders. 8. My re-designation has not been carried out as per said 5th CPC order. 9. Merging/Up gradation of my scale which is actually recommended by 5th CPC has not been made applicable i.e. ([deleted]) and ([deleted]) these pay scales were merged and placed in single upgraded pay scale [deleted] from 1997 i.e. from 5th CPC. 10. Govt had already cleared that Rules made for common category are to be made applicable in various Min,Deptt, Org where similar post exist. 11. Govt has given clear instruction that if Govt has accepted std structure for common category then deptt should follow, Govt accepted structure/hierarchy and not departmental structure i.e. designation and pay scales. -2- 12. It is submitted that Dept is offering their own Pay Scale and designation and problem arisen at this point only, which has to be rectified, in my case my redesignation as per Govt order has to be done from existing post and fixing my scale as per revised pay scale given by 5th CPC in respect of Artist Cadre. Previously detailed case has been fwd to CDA SC dt (10 Nov 2008) for their expert comments. In reply dt 21 Jan 2009 CDA (SC) asked clarification that please reply whether these are two posts i.e. Deptt Post / Pay scale, Govt accepted designated post / pay scale are similar but unfortunately the reply has not been sent. A case was fwd to E-in-C Branch, which is not correct. 13. I had already given all necessary relevant Govt Orders and document in support of my case. 14. One of the above case is also encl herewith for ready reference. 15. Deptt has not given any Govt Order or document which clearly says that the said pay scale is not recommended to me. 16. I request your honour to give me proper guidance on the above matter to solve my case. Thanking you sir,