Daughters rights in fathers property

Hi sir , I m sheetal please guide me I m married I have one youlder brother he is businessman from last 40 years same business my father doi father got dividation he got one home and one road touch plot and shop, and fathers one farm one aikar .this all comes from my great grand father to grand father and to father last month , I had problem that my mother is always on my brother side and main problem with this business he took one flat on his name at that time they told me they also give it to me know I got married I have one daughter last two years nobody helped me to take care of daughter not even mom ,I don't have mother in law its very helpless to me. my brother is married he is having two son one 6years another one is1 year know they are telling me to wait 2 to 3 years I m economically week also know brother and my mom is having different words for me , whats the my rights in this property ? and mom and brothers will make me problem? and they are staying together they change they can change the mind fathers? what I will do if please give u r advice