Hello sir, myself kavitha . divorcee. got my divorce in the month of july - 2015. me and my x husband (rajendra) got seperated 2 years back. since then he had hardly visited my 3 yr old kid name vaishnavi. may be just for 2 times. he has not given single paisa to vaishnavi neither as a compensation nor for the education. he is not interested in the visiting rights. and am not forcing him for any compensation since am well settled in my life and am capable of giving good education and all facilities to my kid. m getting married on december with a person named murali (divorcee). he is very much interested in my baby vaishnavi and he s ready to take complete responsibilities of hers. i wanted to knw if he can adopt the baby only with my permission.or we have to take Mr. Rajendra permission also because we have given visiting Rights to him, but till date he was not visited, only two times visited and he was not given any compensation to me or my baby for her education, Please Advise in future he may be given trouble or any chance to we can with draw his visiting rights and i can settle completely with Murali. Thanks & Regards