Police verification before bank service

Hello, I am about to join a bank. Police verification is to be done. There was one incident happend in my life during my graduation for which I am worried. I was with my few freinds standing on roadside. Our hostel was just few steps away. It was 1 pm in night. Patrloling jeep came and istructed us to go inside and went away. We didnt went. When they came next time we ran. They caught us and tooj away to the police station. We were students of reputed stxaviers college. We showed them our ids. They kept us inside lockup. Then after 2,3 hours they gave us a white page to write what had happend and also our namee adress etc and also that we wont do such things again. No FIR was registered neither any fine we paid. They dropped us to our place in morning. My questn is that will it cause any difficulty suring police verification. Is there any possibility that I might not get the job after clearing such huge competition. Should I mention this in the form or just keep silent on this issue. Wilk police chek that issue. Did that paper was official documnet and would have been kept as a record. Please answer my query.