Totally confused with aliasantana law and hindu succession act,

Please help me out here, i belong to south India's bhunt community my ancestors followed a matriarch succession called aliasantana for ages now the real problem is my grandmother passed away 5 years ago without any will she left behind property inherited by her from her father which was devided in 1959 between her and her siblings as per aliasantana law making all their childrens(only childrens of females)party in the division, my grandmother is survived by 5 children who need to devide her property amongst themselves however two eldest sisters want to do it as per aliasantana law however my uncle (3rd son), my aunt (4th daughter), my mother (5th daughter) want it done as per Hindu succession act of equal share to all children, the main reason for this difference is my aunts the eldest two have 10 children plus grandchildren amongst them selfs first aunt has 5 sons the next has 3 two sons and one girl is married and has 2 kids of her own, this issue of our property division is still stuck and not going anywhere people who are living off the land don't want to sit and talk that said i recently consulted an advocate in puttur(dk) mr.ram mohan rao, he just told me the property can only be devided as per aliasantana law(tale paal, each member in the family gets a share by birth) as per this law my eldest aunts will get almost the entire property my uncle his only share my 4th aunt and my mother their single share each and their childrens share two each, however when i consulted few good lawyers previously in bangalore they had told the property division is going to be as per Hindu succession act means all my aunts uncle and my mother will get equal share and the property will be devided in 5 equal parts, so please clarify my doubts and help me out here and let me know what is right and wrong.