Sir, I went to my friends to seek help in business in Nov 2013. And they were ready for the DEC 2013 their father got paralysis attack and they asked me for financial help. I transferred rs 25000 in the account of his wife thru my relative immediately . and paid cash around 175000 . later on their father got expired 31st DEC 2013. Later on after few days of that they offered me partnership and demanding more money around 900000/00 and said the written work will be done after some rituals of their father. I had faith on them. And I agreed on it. I Took the loan from my uncle against his FD of Rs 500000/00. And gave them a cheque of rs Four lac . and I was told that they had another Business of sale purchase of old gensets. They took me to Delhi and purchased three gensts for rs 150000/00. In cash. Which was paid by me. Meanwhile I was asked to arrange Rest of the amount. In may 2014 I gave them rs 700000/00 seven lac in cash as they refused to take cheque which I again took loan from my friends and relatives. The extra amount was for the purchase of additional machine. After that I keep on asking to do written work . they keep on assuring me that it will be done soon. Finally in Feb 2015 they purchased a. Stamp paper to write the agreement. And we will not register it to sales tax for another sometime for technical reasons. I had no reason to refuse as at last I will have something in written.they mentioned the terms on it of our partnership. And wrote the amount rs 715000/00 received from me as it was the book value of the business. And issued me cheque of rs 700000/00: dated mar 2020. Till the time I was not dubious about their intentions. Later they took the agreement in their possession and refused to sign it and register it. Now I had no choice than to complaint in police. The police set an inquiry. And they convinced police that they had taken the loan from me for rs 400000 and had handed over me the cheque of rs 700000 including interest. I requested police to inquire about the date of issue of cheque and stamp paper. But police was not interested in it. Now what are my options please suggest