False FIR file u/s 498A by brother's wife

My brother's wife filed a false FIR u/s 498A against him, my parents, me and my wife. My brother is living with his wife and a son in a different flat in a same building. Whereas I am living with my parents, wife and a son in a different flat which is in my and my wife's name. By brother's wife behaviour is very bad and she always using abusive language at home and this is a reason my brother always having heated agruments with his wife. They were married in Sep 2019 Her wife has filed a false FIR stating that we have demanded the dowery from her and we all are done domestic voilence against her. The heated agrument she is having with his husband and we have nothing to do with it. We are living separately and avoid going to brother's house because of her behaviour. My parents are taking care of their kid as they both are working still she is using abusive language for them. So far we know she doesn't have any evidence wherein we have asked her for dowry and done any domestic voilence against her or we hurt her. Now what are the remedial actions for us? Will police arrest us and put my entire family behind the bars? what precautious we are required to take?