Sale deed correction

I have purchased plot in 1999 at chennai. The Principals are group of 8 to 10 people and they purchased a parcel of land from a common seller and made plots to various buyers. 2 to 3 principals purchased some portion of parcel land and next 2 to 3 purchased another portion of the land like this. All these principals has given power for selling of these lands to one common person named kishore who is also a relative to all of the principals. I have purchased land from kishore and he executed the sale deed. In the sale deed by mistake he has mentioned wrongly other set of principals name instead of the actual principals name whom he is supposed to mention in my sale deed. I have come to know this issue recently and asked kishore to execute a correction deed. But he is refusing and says he do not have any knowledge on this and claims whatever his relatives has told him he did. I have applied and got my patta also for this land. What should i do now. can i take criminial action against him. please advise